Review, Assess and Validate

Review, Assess and Validate

We will perform the following activities:

  • Review your existing Cyber Insurance Policy
  • Perform an assessment of your organisation, validating your compliance to your policy requirements
  • Attest to your current posture and issue a Sequoia letter of attestation

Three of the potential outcomes from this review:

  1. This process uncovers, your Cyber insurance is invalid. Perhaps, your insurer will put a hold on the cover until you satisfy the conditions of the policy.
  2. We validate that you are an excellent insurance risk. Your current insurer assumes less risk and may offer you a discount on your premium.
  3. You do not currently hold Cyber insurance and the Letter of attestation gives a validated assessment of your organisation. We have an insurance partner that is willing to discount insurance based on this assessment. 



22 January 2015


Cyber Insurance